The interplay between our on- and offline worlds is a central theme in Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash. It’s also core to Blockstack’s mission; to protect the rights you’re afforded in the physical world online. These digital rights are important for the future of innovation and our humanity.
We have the opportunity to leverage these lessons while we strive to build something better. On October 23, we pushed these critical ideas and considerations to the forefront of the industry and beyond. We look forward to having you check out the videos featured below.
Blockstack and Crypto Singularity

Muneeb Ali

Decentralized social networks and why they’re important for society

Dave Morin & Muneeb Ali

The Evolution of Capitalism

David Wachsman (CEO, Wachsman), Richard Muirhead (Founding Partner, Fabric Ventures) and Dr. Seven Waterhouse (CEO and Co-founder, Orchid Labs)

Lot49: Incentivizing Mobile Mesh Networks with Bitcoin Lightning

Richard Myers (Decentralized applications engineer at goTenna, author of the Global Mesh Labs Lot49 white paper, Co-founder of Bytabit) Announcement

Marco Santori (President and Chief Legal Officer, Blockchain)

Bitcoin, Lightning, and Our Sci-Fi Future Fireside Chat

Elizabeth Stark (CEO and Co-Founder, Lightning Labs) and Xan Ditkoff (Production Partner, Blockstack PBC)

Investing in a Decentralized Space Panel

Brady Dale (Reporter, CoinDesk/moderator), Brittany Laughlin (Investor Relations Partner, Blockstack PBC), Michael Arrington (Founder of TechCrunch, CrunchBase and Arrington XRP Capital), Dani Grant (Analyst, USV) and Brett Gibson (Partner, Initialized Capital)

Pseudonymous Economy

Balaji Srinivasan (Angel investor. Cofounder of Earn, Counsyl, Teleport, Coin Center)

How Blockstack decentralized apps can beat centralized apps

Patrick Stanley (Head of Growth, Blockstack PBC)

Fireside Chat with Naval Ravikant and Neal Stephenson

Naval Ravikant (Entrepreneur, Angel Investor) and Neal Stephenson (Best selling author)

One Network, Many Chains

Andreas Antonopoulos (Author. Coder. Entrepreneur)

Regulatory Panel

Peter Van Valkenburgh (Director of Research, Coin Center, moderator), Rob Rosenblum (Partner, WSGR), Karen Ubell (Special Counsel, Financial Services Regulatory, Cooley) and Joshua Ashley Klayman (U.S. Head of FinTech and Head of Blockchain and Digital Assets, Linklaters)

Can't Be Evil Engineering

Diwaker Gupta (Head of Engineering, Blockstack PBC)

Red Pill or Blue Pill: The Two Faces of Bitcoin

Meltem Demirors (Chief Strategy Officer, CoinShares)

Crypto in Asia: What It Really Looks Like

Brittany Laughlin (Investor Relations Partner, Blockstack PBC/moderator), Melody He (Co-founder & Partner, Spartan Group), Ben El-Baz (Head of Ecosystems / Chief Strategy Office, HashKey Group / HashKey Pro), Kai WU (Partner, SNZ Holding), and Wei Jiang (Venture Partner, ZhenFund)

Once we have a better way to handle transactions, what aspects of life do we want to see handled by transactions?

Jaron Lanier (Scientist, Author, Musician and Artist)

Jaron Lanier Q&A (Scientist, Author, Musician and Artist) with Patrick Stanley (Head of Growth, Blockstack PBC)
Can’t Be Evil Terms of Service

Larry Salibra (Founder, New Internet Labs)

Closing Remarks

Muneeb Ali (CEO and Co-founder, Blockstack PBC)


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